Processed Products

We offer our clients Processed Products, in different forms: fruit fresh, fruits in syrup, pulp, jams, compotes. Each of the previous presentations have careful handling during cultivation and processing, to ensure the end consumer a high quality product made with high technology. Us provide the best processed product with highest quality on the market.

processed fruit

Fruit preserves. Peach, Figs in syrup (Brevas), Chontaduro syrup, Blueberry.<br>
Description: Our preserves in syrup, contain no preservatives or artificial colors. 100% Natural.<br>
Presentations:  250 g, 500 g, 750 g, 1000g, Box x 12 units x 500 g for: Borojo, Chontaduro, Borojo with Chontaduro, Noni, Noni with Borojo

Preserves - Fruits in syrup

The preserves or jams for which definitions and standards of identity are prescribed by this section are the viscous or semi-solid foods, each of which is made from a mixture composed of one or a permitted combination of the fruit ingredients.

Fruit Pulp. Available flavors: Mango, soursop, lemon, lulo, passion fruit, strawberry, blackberry, tangerine, grape, banana, peach, apple, papaya, pineapple, orange, tamarind, guava, Borojo, Chontaduro, Noni,<br>
Description: 100% Fruit pulp packed and frozen.<br>
Presentations: Bags of 400 grams in portions of 100 g c / u.<br>
for the Borojo, Chontaduro, Noni: Box x 16 units x 500 g.<br>
1kg bags in portions of 100 gr c / u.<br>
4 kgs tanks for dispensers.<br>
Drums x 200 kgs with double inner plastic bag.<br> 
100% natural.

Fruit pulp

The Pulp is prepared from selected varieties of Fresh Fruit. The matured fruit are harvested, and quickly transported to the fruit processing plant, is inspected and after is washed. The Pulp concentrate is perfectly suited for conversion to juices, nectars, drinks.

Jam Fruit. strawberries, blackberry, pineapple, 
Araza, copoazĂș and Cocona, Borojo, Chontaduro, Borojo with Chontaduro, Noni, Noni with Borojo.<br>
Description: as an accompaniment of breads, cookies, ice cream, desserts.<br>
Presentations: Bags of 400, 200, and 90 grams in c / u.<br> for the Borojo, Chontaduro, Borojo with Chontaduro, Noni, Noni with Borojo: Box x 12 units x 500 g.

jam fruit

Our fruit jams not contain artificial colors or flavors and are not preserved by chemical means. The entire production process has been perfected to a point where the finished product maintains the taste, smell and color of ripe fruit, using the freshest fruits.

Compote Fruit. Available flavors: Peach, Apple, Pear, Banana.<br>
Presentations available: glass container (113g and 170g).<br>
Shelf life: 24 months (113g) and 18 months (170g). 100% natural.<br>
No preservatives or chemical additives.

compote fruit

We sell fruit compote or fruit puree made from fresh fruits without its outer casing. the compote we offer is a preserve fruit or vegetables, whole or split into pieces, It is doughy, light and healthy a product obtained by cooking process, with high quality standards.

we work based on the international standards; In our catalog also we offer: value-added products in the form of preserves; prepared of fruits or vegetable that are available to our customers through our maquila service for agri-food products, in presentations of: Compote, Jam, Fruit pulp or jelly.