Surgical medical equipment

We supply hospital inputs for the endowment, such as specialized surgical medical devices for performing surgery procedures. We have a set of instruments and medical devices used by the medical staff as a tool to carry out surgical care, taking into account the need to provide a service to the health sector We offer to the private clinics and public clinics, a variety of products including disposable medical equipment and furniture.

Medical materials

Polyethylene bags - biohazard control

Polyethylene bags
biohazard control

We provide products and control device used by companies offering services of management of Healthcare Waste. The Biohazard waste is any waste with the potential to cause harm to animal or human life, namely waste generated from hospitals.

Package Quantity: 100/Pkg
Reusability: Disposable
Material: Plastic
Plastic Type: polyethylene
Color Family: Red
Language: English, Spanish
Printed Symbol: Biohazard
Printed Text: Infectious Waste / Basura Infecciosa
Dimensions: 50 cm width x 70 cm high.

Surgical gloves - Nitrile powder-free

Surgical gloves
Nitrile powder-free

Packaging: in dispenser carton: S, M, L 100 pcs. / XL 90 pcs. in transport carton: S, M, L 1.000 pcs. / XL 900 pcs.
Color: Blue
Shape: Ambitextrous
Conformity to the standards: EN 420, EN 374, EN 455
Wall Thickness measured in double layer: 0,26 mm
Length acoording to EN 420: med. 240 mm
Inside: Smooth, powder-free
Outside: Textured
Shelf life: 3 years
Sizes: S (6-7), M (7-8), L (8-9), XL (9-10)
CE category: Single-use protective glove for complex risks, category III

surgical Gauze Pad / Roll

surgical Gauze
Pad / Roll

We have available the next size
Size: width 10 cm x long 3 / 2.75 mtr.
Size: width 15 cm x long 3 / 2.75 mtr.
Size: width 45 cm x high 45 cm QTY: 5 Unit.
Size: width 7 cm x high 20 cm QTY: 5 Und. Single, sterile packaging.
Size: 5 cm x 5 cm QTY: 8 / 12 unit. Size: 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm QTY: 8 / 12 unit.
Size: 7.5 cm x 6cm QTY: 8 / 12 unit.
Size: 10 cm x 10 cm QTY: 8 / 12 unit.
Size: 10 cm x 12 cm QTY: 8 / 12 unit.
Size: 20 cm x 20 cm QTY: 2.

First aid kit Personalized

First aid kit

We offer customization service for the first aid kit that need your company, contain of the following items: Personal Care, Other Items, Tools and Supplies, Medications / Treatments, Wound Coverings as: Compound tincture of benzoin (bandage adhesive), Assorted adhesive bandages, Butterfly bandages / adhesive wound-closure strips, Gauze pads, Medical adhesive tape (10 yd. roll, min. 1" width), Ibuprofen / other pain-relief medication, Antihistamine to treat allergic reactions, tweezers, First-aid manual or information cards, Rolled gauze, Aspirin (primarily for response to a heart attack); and more supplies.