About Us

Snoil S.A.S

In STANDARD NATURAL OIL. S.A.S We devote our best esforcer to commercialize origin vegetable inputs national and imported, for the industry of agri - food, cosmetic, and for manufacturers of complementary alternative medicine (C.A.M). In SNOIL S.A.S we work closely with various producers in the agricultural sector of the country; In our catalog also we offer: value-added products in the form of preserves; prepared of fruits or vegetable that are available to our customers through our maquila service for agri-food products, in presentations of: Compote, Jam, Fruit pulp, jelly or Nutritional supplements. We guarantee to our clients that all the process of production and extraction is carried out in the same areas of cultivation, harvesting and post-harvest directly from fresh plants grown in differents places in the country. We provide, pharmaceuticals and hospital inputs, manufactured by Colombian companies; to perform the procedures necessary for the care and control of each human in the camp of ​​health. we market and distribute: pharmaceutical inputs as glass vials for producing ampoules, medical equipment; Orthopedic products, products for hospital use, products used in cosmetic body; disposable medical supplements, medical surgical inputs, hospital equipment, hospital consumption goods for biohazard control; We offer maquila for all types of medicament including the special control drugs and the Orphan Drug "medicinal products which serve to diagnose, prevent or treat diseases", which are manufactured and specially designed to meet all needs when it comes to human health, in compliance to regulations in Colombia.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to provide the different sectors of the national and international market, inputs for the food, cosmetic, hospital, pharmaceutical and the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), that for excellence have compete in the market for to exalt the name of our company and of our country; It is vitally important to us that our customers from the food and agricultural sector, feel totally pleased when purchasing to our vegetable origin inputs; and likewise that the client have a opportunity to know our preserves; prepared of vegetables or fruits as compotes, jams, or pulp. We are confident that these inputs for food, will transform the concept of quality of life around the world; the future of our planet will be reflected, in supporting those who provide natural resources with ecological responsibility.
In the pharmaceutical; we implemented a project to develop partnerships with different companies, who dedicate their knowledge in the manufacture of special control drugs and orphan drug, used to diagnose, prevent or treat unknown diseases; with the purpose of access to these drugs at a very low cost. regarding hospital supplies, we have alliances with companies previously certified that manufacture the hospital endowment and medical supplies such as disposable medical supplements, goods for control of biological hazards, medical equipment and orthopedic equipment.
In the field of cosmetics, we offer inputs and finished cosmetic products that are used by the final consumer, and intended to be rubbed; poured; sprinkled; sprayed on; introduced into; or all that leads to the application of the product on the human body; for cleansing, beautifying, or to promote attractiveness, or altering the appearance. Among the products included in this definition are: skin moisturizers, perfumes, lipsticks, fingernail polishes, eye and facial makeup preparations, cleansing shampoos, permanent waves, hair colors, and deodorants, as well as any substance intended for use as a component a cosmetic.
For the manufactures of Complementary and Alternative Medicine C.A.M which are dedicated to conducting diverse medical and health care interventions, practices, products, or disciplines that are not generally considered part of conventional medicine; we also have available supplies of natural origin.

Why Choose Us

Our company is strategically located in the South American continent ; from here we can commercialize various inputs of plant origin and agricultural, along with the preserves which it is a value-added product; all them unique in the international market; Produced by a fertile land that has wonderful qualities to offer the best harvest of our country. we work in partnership with healthcare laboratories designated in the country, that periodically perform physical chemical analysis and microbiological analysis to each of our vegetable origin inputs. If the economic activity of your company is directed to any health sector and want to make the best finished product or simply your company wants to renovate its inventory, we are the best input provider; with the support of trained professionals in different areas of human health.
we have the expertise, for input supply, anywhere in the world, and the required inputs for provide five sectors which are essential when thinking on optimizing the development of human life: agri-food industry, hospital industry, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry, industry alternative medicine and complementary.